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René Meulensteen criticises Manchester United tactics

Fulham boss René Meulensteen described David Moyes' tactics as "straightforward" in the aftermath of the Cottagers' 2-2 draw at Old Trafford.

Clive Rose

René Meulensteen returned to Old Trafford to haunt Manchester United on Sunday, with Sir Alex Ferguson's right-hand man-turned-Fulham manager guiding his side to a 2-2 draw.

Despite United dominating the game throughout, Meulensteen has criticised David Moyes' tactics as "straightforward":

"Their game plan was straightforward. They put crosses in from wide angles. We defended it well.

"If you are well-organised, it can be easy to defend against."

Source: BBC

Things certainly aren't getting any easier for Moyes, with one of his Premier League colleagues joining the chorus of those criticising his over-reliance on wide play in creating chances.

Certainly Fulham didn't make it easy to play through the middle, packing the edge of their penalty box with white shirts and forcing the Reds out wide. Juan Mata and Wayne Rooney struggled to find any space through the middle, and were often forced deep to try and dictate play.

But, no matter how much credit the Cottagers are given, the worst team in the division shouldn't be able to stop United playing -- especially at Old Trafford. The pressure on Moyes grows yet further.