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Woodward confirms Manchester United set for huge squad overhaul

United executive Ed Woodward has confirmed that the club are set for a big overhaul in the summer.

Michael Regan

The end of the season can't come quickly enough for Manchester United at the moment, with executive Ed Woodward confirming that we could see a big squad overhaul at the end of the season. He's not only hinted at quite a few departures this summer, but also that we can expected a few significant arrivals:

Of course, this news doesn't exactly come as a big surprise per se. It's glaringly obvious that United have needed to strengthen in key areas for quite a while, and it's mainly the belief that things will be resolved in a big summer assault that has relieved the pressure on David Moyes.

However, it is reassuring that Woodward has confirmed what we're all praying for -- it's now up to him to deliver the goods in a few months time.