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Van Persie slyly mocks Arsenal's transfer woes and defeat to Manchester United

Robin van Persie has favourited one tweet in his entire Twitter career, and it's a good one, if you're a Manchester United fan. Not so much if you support Arsenal.

Jamie McDonald

Robin van Persie, it turns out, has favourited one tweet in the whole time he's been on Twitter, and it's a surprising one.

Well, surprising if you thought he still had any feels towards Arsenal, at any rate. The tweet in question then links to the Arsenal official account reporting the final score of the 8-2 victory there.

Of course, with football as it is, this will probably make the news and he'll have to do a 'doh, my shame, must've accidentally favourited it in my mentions, i apologise' nonsense of a non-apology, but you can't have it all.