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David Moyes trolls Liverpool, says Manchester United could win Champions League

David Moyes made an amusing comment about Manchester United's chances of winning the Champions League which is sure to wind up Liverpool fans.

Cameron Spencer

Manchester United recorded a decent victory tonight, and David Moyes has made it very slightly sweeter with a nice comment about Liverpool for the Sunday papers.

Asked about United's chances of qualifying for the Champions League by winning the trophy this season, Moyes responded: "It isn't always the best teams that get to the final in Europe. Liverpool in 2005 gives us hope."

Given that Chelsea would have been a better example there, it's clearly a calculated swipe by Moyes, which is quite amusing. Hey, this feels good. Dour but solid 2-0 win, jibe at a rival for the Sunday papers... close your eyes, it's almost Mourinho. For now, at any rate.

Of course, if we did win the trophy, it would be extra funny since Liverpool would likely be the team missing out if they finished fourth. Unfair? Well, that's karma, since it was their tantrum that caused the rule to be enforced in the first place...