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Robin van Persie openly criticises Moyes' tactics, says he knows what's wrong at Manchester United

Robin van Persie criticised the way he is being used by David Moyes in a post-match interview with Dutch TV after Manchester United's 2-0 defeat to Olympiakos.

Michael Regan

Robin van Persie appears to have criticised David Moyes' tactics when speaking to Dutch TV after Manchester United's 2-0 defeat at the hands of Olympiakos.

According to ITV, the Dutchman said: "My teammates are in some of the areas where I want to play. This makes it difficult for me.

"Then I have to change my tactics to suit my teammates, and play outside my zone. That's a pity."

That was presumably the zone that put him off when he skied that late chance that could've changed the outlook of the tie. Nobody came out of that with much dignity, least of all Moyes, but perhaps Van Persie needs to look in the mirror once in a while.

This is all very worrying, but on the plus side, if we wanted a scorched-earth policy post Ferguson, I suppose we're going the right way about it. Let's just hope that 'and now we rise from the ashes' part doesn't get forgotten.