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Moyes reveals he dropped Januzaj because he picked Cleverley instead

David Moyes has made the bizarre claim that Adnan Januzaj did not play against Olympiakos due to Tom Cleverley's place in the team.

Michael Regan

Adnan Januzaj was left out of the team for Olympiakos because of Tom Cleverley, according to David Moyes.

Moyes made the bizarre claim after the game, saying: :"I decided last week I would play Cleverley and it was a time to bring [Adnan] in and out at right moments so I chose not to use him."

Nope, us neither.

It's impossible to figure out what those words from Moyes meant, or what the two players have to do with each other since they play in completely different positions, or why Januzaj wouldn't be considered after he'd spent a month resting and was just about to get another 9 days without football.

Here at TBB towers, we honestly just assumed he'd picked up a minor injury. This isn't a disaster - just a rotten performance - but some of the signs here are becoming very worrying indeed. Still, I suppose he'll learn. Januzaj is better than Cleverley. So now we know.