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English press briefed by Manchester United on David Moyes' potential sacking

The English papers are full of David Moyes stories tomorrow, but he'll be staying for now, according to Manchester United.

Michael Regan

Manchester United have been poor under David Moyes, but the club have been briefing the press that the manager is staying.

This has been spun different ways - The Star (not usually worth bothering with) put this as "EXCLUSIVE:MOYES WON'T BE AXED", while others have taken a more "Moyes is safe... for now" approach.

We can't quite be sure how Ed Woodward works yet, so it's difficult to say whether the fact they've come out to say something is proof that he'll be sacked, proof he won't, proof that they're considering it, or proof they're not. My own, purely personal view, is that it's the third of those options.

Nonetheless, it makes sense to suggest he won't be sacked. To demand progress would not be smart. Not because we shouldn't demand far better results, but because of the message it sends out. United have been awful and are getting worse, but as much of this has been down to Moyes, a lot has been down to the players too. And sending out the suggestion that they might just be able to get him sacked if they push even harder is not a good thing.

We're not blind here at TBB towers - the Rubicon may well have been crossed here already. Moyes is certainly on borrowed time, and will probably need to win his next five games, or rather not lose any and get wins against Olympiakos, Liverpool and City, if he wants to keep his job. The odds on that are.... not good. But since the next few months of football will be pointless anyway, we might as well bin the players before Moyes, out of principle if nothing else.