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Evra says Manchester United are backing David Moyes and his "love for the club will not change"

Patrice Evra has been the first player to stick his head above the parapet and deny rumours that David Moyes has lost the dressing room.

Mike Hewitt

Patrice Evra is the first player to come out and refute the stories of David Moyes having lost the dressing-room at Manchester United.

The left-back said to French radio station RMC: "There was a big change, it had to be digested. Nobody likes change. The team played under Alex Ferguson for more than 26 years.

"We're behind the new manager. We're going to do all we can to qualify for the next Champions League. Whether I win trophies or we're bottom of the table, my love for the club will not change."

Fairly strong words, although perhaps not with much evidence to back them up on the pitch. Although Evra is certainly right in the fact that it's been ignored too much about what Moyes has had to face - while people preferred other managers when he was announced, and want to replace him now, there's no question that none of them have ever had to face anything like replacing Alex Ferguson.