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POLL: Another month has passed, how do you feel about David Moyes now?

After a month, it's time to review the 'Moyes Out' polls once again for Manchester United.

Michael Regan

We asked this question a month ago, and now it's time to ask it again. How do we feel about David Moyes?

Most of the things that have happened since then have been overwhelmingly negative so we'll probably be expecting a large shift towards the #MoyesOut camp, but nonetheless, here are the results from last time:

19% said we should give him until the end of the season, and if he doesn't get fourth, get rid
38% said we should give him until the end of next season, back him heavily in the summer, and if things don't improve greatly, get rid.
19% said we should get rid immediately.
10% said we should give him three seasons minimum.
14% said we should get rid as soon as we can get a good replacement.

Since then, we've had some pretty disastrous defeats and only really gotten worse. But it's worth seeing how much people are actually changing their mind based on events. So we once again pose exactly the same questions as before.