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Manchester United announce US tour, featuring Cristiano Ronaldo and Liverpool

Manchester United have announced their plans to head to the US in summer pre-season, for a tour that will also involve Real Madrid, Liverpool and Manchester City.

David Ramos

Manchester United have made public their summer plans - no, not transfer ones, what do you think, we're made of money? Rather, they've announced they're set to tour the US.

How we'll fit it in around the Europa League qualifying rounds remains to be seen (finish 9th, perhaps?)

Anyway, also involved on the tour will be Liverpool, Manchester City, Real Madrid, AC Milan and some others. Which also brings up the prospect of yet another reunion with Cristiano Ronaldo, if you're into that sort of thing.

Doubtless this will help the club boost its image, for which we can expect the following transfer window to be even more exciting as we get endless excuses about a "world cup year" and 15m bids for Thomas Muller.

So far the only venue that's been announced is that the final will be played in Miami. But since we have more than our fair share of American readers here: are any of you planning/thinking about going along?