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A reminder to sign up for The Busby Babe's Sporcle league

The competition will be beginning next week, and you'll need to sign up to enter.

Michael Regan

A friendly reminder for you all that i'll be beginning The Busby Babe Sporcle League on Monday, so you should all sign up if you hope to enter properly.

I should be giving away prizes for the top three, although due to the rules of the network they have to be checked out by legal first, so I can't confirm them or reveal exactly what they are at this point. Basically, expect books, shirts, that kind of thing.

If you didn't see the original post, it's a competition of regular United-based quizzes for you to get stuck into. If you sign up, this greatly limits the chances of people cheating, since I'll be able to check your score and see how many times you did it.

Anyway, it should be plenty of fun, so to enter, simply sign up to Sporcle using the same username you use on here (if it's unavailable, let me know what it is) and add 'thebusbybabe' as a friend.

Once you've signed up to Sporcle, go here and 'follow' The Busby Babe. That should be all you need to do.