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United's summer transfer list revealed: two midfielders, striker, defenders named

Manchester United will spend close to £100m in the summer on a range of signing from Arturo Vidal, Paul Pogba, Luke Shaw and Diego Costa, according to a new report.

Mark Thompson

Manchester United will spend close to £100m in the summer, with recent targets Luke Shaw, Arturo Vidal and Paul Pogba all mentioned alongside Diego Costa and Joel Veltmans.

The report, in the Daily Mail, which has a United track record more reliable than most papers, intriguingly frames the story as this being Moyes' shopping list, rather than one that has been sanctioned at the highest levels of the club.

It's strange to think, but we've spent the best part of £70m financing David Moyes' new regime already, although both parts we've acquired will need a lot of backup to be used at their best. I don't think anyone would deny that Paul Pogba and Arturo Vidal would be ideal buys, although both will be tricky. The latter perhaps looks likely given his low wages, and while he may have other suitors, none will value him as highly as United. The same cannot necessarily be said for Pogba, reportedly coveted by Paris Saint-Germain.

Luke Shaw seems less likely, with Chelsea having been mentioned as the club that had stole a march on United there. Diego Costa is probably open to the highest bidder, but Chelsea, Arsenal, and possibly Real Madrid are all likely to be in the market for strikers this summer.

As for Joel Veltmans, he's not someone we know too much about and is a new name to be linked to United - we'll expect to see plenty more on him in the coming months.

We've said before that United would need to do something spectacular in the summer, and if this is true, then at least they understand the scale of the job necessary. The Mata purchase suggested that they have, if nothing else, learned from past mistakes. What remains to be seen is whether it was a one-off gift or the sign of a new policy.