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Manchester United's contingency plan after sacking Moyes revealed

Manchester United will appoint Louis van Gaal and Frank de Boer to replace David Moyes should the Scot suffer the axe at Old Trafford, according to a report in the Sunday People.

Dean Mouhtaropoulos

Louis van Gaal will replace David Moyes as the next Manchester United manager at Old Trafford if the Scot is sacked, according to a report in the Sunday People.

Frank de Boer will also be brought in as assistant. The Sunday People are affiliated with the Daily Mirror, so are about as reliable as they are - in short, it's certainly possible and something that has been suggested elsewhere too.

It's difficult to see United sacking Moyes with such a difficult run of games coming up - it's easier to see them leaving it unitl after Liverpool, Manchester City, and indeed Olympiakos have (probably) had their wicked way with us. Either that or Moyes swats aside all three, buying himself time.

The rumblings appear to be increasing that Moyes is on shaky ground, but as yet there's not been too much from the club, one way or another, to suggest so, so these are still rumours at this point. But even if the club had no intention of sacking Moyes unless things got much worse, it would make sense to draw up a contingency plan. Louis van Gaal appears to be that plan. He's currently employed at the Netherlands for the duration of the World Cup of course (convenient transfer excuses ahoy) but will be free afterwards. What do we think?