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Manchester United embarrassed by Liverpool, but were they actually that bad?

Liverpool emerged victorious at Old Trafford, winning three penalties, Steven Gerrard scoring two, Nemanja Vidic being sent off, and Luis Suarez adding insult to injury with a third.

Alex Livesey

Manchester United suffered one of their worst results of the season as they were beaten 3-0 by Liverpool at Old Trafford, with Steven Gerrard scoring 2 of 3 penalties his team were awarded and Luis Suarez bagging a third after Nemanja Vidic had been sent off.

Rather than relive the experience, it's worth putting this into some context. United were not actually that bad today - individual mistakes with the penalties were undoubtedly the main problem, but the fact remains that it was yet again the same players that have let us down all season.

Robin van Persie and Michael Carrick were about even to be considered the worst player on the pitch, while Wayne Rooney did very little and Nemanja Vidic was pretty awful. In contrast, United's best players were also the usual suspects - Rafael, Adnan Januzaj, David de Gea, and arguably Marouane Fellaini.

The result will push many people towards the Moyes Out campaign and may well force the higher-ups at the club to take stock of that position too. And yeah, this was a pretty awful performance and result. But the fact still remains that the same poor decisions are coming back to haunt us time and time again, and making the season worse and worse.

We should also consider that this is perhaps only just in the bottom 5 performances against Liverpool, taking into account when we had better teams and they had far worse ones. But just as the context can excuse that, the context can make it a whole lot worse - this was a massive pile of shite dumped on top of the even more massive pile of shite that is this season.

I'm going out to get drunk and I advise you to do the same.