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Giggs "furious" at bust-up rumours

United player-coach apparently enraged at the suggestion that life with David Moyes is anything other than peachy.

Jan Kruger

According to the Manchester Evening News, Ryan Giggs is not only "angry" but "furious" that rumours have emerged of what the paper is calling "an alleged but unfounded break up" of his relationship with David Moyes.

What are these rumours, precisely? What was said, why was it said, to who, and when? Allegedly? Well ... we don't quite know yet. They haven't yet emerged on any major newspaper or website, and while there are plenty of purported details doing the rounds on various internet locations, ranging from the generally credible right the way through to Twitter, there's nothing official. Nothing unofficially official. Nothing even to the standard of "reportedly", or "so and so understands". Indeed, the only official thing we've got on this is the denial, and that's always, always a good look.

Or there might be an injunction, of course. In which case, that preceding sentence might be illegal. Read it quickly before we have to take it down.