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Robin van Persie facing further scans on knee injury

United are still unsure on the nature of Robin van Persie's knee injury, with further investigation required.

Robin van Persie's successful one-man mission to drag Manchester United into the Champions League quarterfinals was overshadowed when he was stretchered off late on. Despite initial scans United still seem unsure of exactly what the problem is, with further investigation required:

David Moyes has confirmed that van Persie will certainly be out of the running for the game against West Ham on the weekend, though hopefully it's not serious enough to rule him out for much longer than that -- not least with the derby drawing ever closer.

According to a report in the Guardian, Dutch assistant coach Patrick Kluivert thinks he could be back in time for the game against City. They quoted him as saying:

"Robin went on Thursday morning directly to the hospital and his upper leg was very stiff. We now have to wait but we have good hope. Maybe he can play the Manchester derby."

Let's hope he's right. It'd be nice to not be completely humiliated by our Manchester rivals.