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Important update: there may be a SECOND plane

When one completely stupid thing just isn't enough ...

Jeff Gross

*slams head into desk*

According to Talksport, font of all knowledge, the Wrong One: Moyes Out plane will be joined in the skies above Old Trafford. This plane will also be carrying a banner, though their interviewee declined to say exactly what would be on the banner. We at tBB have put our heads together and

  • Wayne Rooney, dusting the plebs beneath with fifty pound notes, before remembering that he's supposed to be playing and making an emergency landing into Lou Macari's;
  • David Gower;
  • Rene Meulensteen, at the tip of a formation of ex-backroom staff, thirsting for revenge against the usurper who stole their lands and their livelihoods;
  • Snoopy;
  • Nicklas Bendtner;
  • Bébé;

It's going to be Paddy Power, isn't it? The banner's going to be the odds on Moyes being sacked before the end of the season, or an offer of a refund if Alex Ferguson returns, or just the words GIVE US ALL OF YOUR MONEY YOU FOOLS. Didn't this club used to be the opposite of a laughing stock?

*slams head into desk*