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Toni Kroos "considering" Manchester United move

The brother of the Bayern Munich midfielder has been talking to German television.

Stuart Franklin

Bayern Munich midfielder Toni Kroos is "considering" a move to Manchester United, according to his brother, Felix. He's been talking to Sky Germany, according to various newspapers, and has confirmed that that the two of them have discussed Toni exchanging the German champions for the still-just-about English ones.

As you may have heard, Toni Kroos's deal with Bayern Munich expires next summer, and while Bayern would like to keep him, they have said that they will not break their wage structure to do so. United, apparently, either have no such qualms or no such wage structure. David Moyes has been to see Kroos play a couple of times this season, and was even seen on television talking to his agent, which made everybody very giddy indeed. Perhaps also worthy of note is this piece over on BT Sport, which suggests that Bayern are considering a move for Schalke's Julian Draxler, which would (a) render Kroos surplus to requirements, and (b) really, really annoy Arsenal fans.

Felix also added "Manchester has been the team of my dreams since I was a child," which is nice. Perhaps United can get his brother in as consolation once Toni signs his inevitable, gargantuan extension with Bayern. Does he play in midfield?