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A complete list of United's defensive injuries and knocks ahead of Bayern Munich

Alexander Buttner gave some rather bizarre quotes about Arjen Robben ahead of Manchester United's first leg clash against Bayern Munich.

Alex Livesey

Alexander Buttner has given some interesting/laughable quotes to the press ahead of Manchester United's Champions League clash with Bayern Munich, where the erratic left-back could be tasked with stopping his compatriot.

Buttner said:

"I feel confident about playing them. I know what Arjen Robben can do and I am ready for him. I have never played against him before and I haven't watched videos or anything like that to study him but I know enough from what I have seen to know how he plays the game. It is not under discussion how good he is! We all know that. This kind of big game is why you play football. It is what it is all about."

"It would be good for my career if I could do well against Robben. In the last two matches I have played well put in some good challenges and I hope I will build on that not just Bayern but after that as well. But I am focused 100 per cent on Bayern now and I am ready. I want to do well against Robben.

"I'll do everything I can to stop Robben and help the team get a win at home. I hope we can beat them. I know him a little. He's a good player -- everybody knows that -- and it's going to be a tough day. I think he's very good one against one, especially when he comes inside. I have to focus on that game and be confident in my own quality. I know I can get the better of him."

Now, we can dread this in our sleep, but isn't Robben exactly the sort of player you'd be watching videos of to prepare for?

And is Buttner even likely to be starting?

Jonny Evans and Chris Smalling could be fit for the game. Evans has plenty of experience playing at left-back in the past for Northern Ireland and occasionally for United. He's two-footed, not slow and very good on the ball, and obvious far, far more solid than Buttner.

Now, we've seen the problems this season with starting defenders freshly back from injury. Unfortunately, we've also seen the problems with asking Rio Ferdinand to play more than once ever so often and playing Nemanja Vidic at all. Patrice Evra is suspended and Rafael did not train with the team, although there is still a chance the right-back could feature.

On the other hand, Smalling, Evans and Antonio Valencia did train, and Ferdinand and Vidic are available. Which leaves us with several conundrums. Jones at right-back, since he's better going forward than Smalling and better defensively than Valencia? Or keep him in the centre since he's fit and ready? Rio Ferdinand and Nemanja Vidic haven't been great but they have been at their best this season when playing together, maybe experience is the answer? Or Evans, since he's our best and most consistent defender, even if he is back from injury?

Take your pick from the options in the poll.