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Giggs' no comment on succeeding Moyes, also hints he could leave the club

Ryan Giggs came out with David Moyes for his press conference before Manchester United vs. Bayern Munich for a vague show of solidarity. What could possibly go wrong?

Alex Livesey

With Neil Custis already having had his thruppence before the more outlandish Class-of-92 rumours started flying about, touting Ryan Giggs for the Manchester United job, it's rather important that David Moyes should keep the Welshman on side. It's also rather important that they should be seen to be friends.

So, what better way to do so than to have dear old Giggsy join Moyesy on his press-conference before plucky little Manchester United take on Bayern?

Giggs did perhaps give one surprising answer when he stated he would "take stock" at the end of the season and see what he would do afterwards, rather than pledging his undying love for United, but there was a further problem ahead.

Well, you know how nasty journalists can be what with their asking perfectly legitimate questions, and one errant mischief-maker piped up asking if he would like to succeed Moyes as manager.

Of course, Giggs quickly and skilfully deflected the question, merely stating "Of course my full support is behind the manager, of course I would love to manage Manchester United one day but I'm not sure that would be happening anytime soon. I am still learning."

Oh no, actually, he didn't. Instead, United's press officer, the aptly-named Karen Shotbolt, leapt in to cut off the question and refuse to allow an answer.

Good, glad that's all cleared up then. People would've been talking otherwise.