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Javier Hernandez: unloved and unwanted

The Mexican goalpoacher has reportedly informed the press that he is being overlooked at United.

Clive Mason

It's the day following the international night before, and so we can all relax in the warm glow of that most dubious genre of football reportage, the Quotes Indicating Unhappiness Given While Away On International Duty. The potential for mis-translation, misinterpretation, mis-reportage, and just straight-up mis-invention is huge. There is, perhaps, no genre so inherently untrustworthy. Apart from the Transfer Rumour, obviously,

So, as long you have your artery-threatening pinch of salt at the ready, here's a double whammy. According to the Mirror this morning, Javier Hernandez has been sounding miserable:

I'm very eager to play [for Mexico] as my club don't take me much into account.

Sad Pea.

Naturally, this means that he is off to one of three clubs: Tottenham, a club in managerial flux who are regrouping in preparation for another push at the top four next season; Juventus, a club who are pre-eminent in Italy but need a little sprinkle more quality to get themselves together in Europe; and Internazionale, who are eighteen points behind Juventus and building almost an entire squad from scratch. A motley collection. About £15m pounds, since you ask.

It would be entirely unsurprising if the striker were feeling that way; he's only started ten times this season, he hasn't played particularly well in most of his appearances, and he's sat on the bench, unused, for the last three games. Then there was the Incident of the Ambiguous Instagram Message, in which the Mexican might or might not have directed some snark towards Robin van Persie. The summer of the great United squad churn is looming fast. Is anybody safe?