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Fletcher: We are playing for our futures

Following the defeat to Bayern Munich, Manchester United's Scottish midfielder has been reflecting on the future

Lennart Preiss

So there we are then. No more Champions League until at least September 2015. No more elite European fixtures. No more theme tune. No more Graeme Souness and Jamie Redknapp sitting awkwardly on stools like the world's weirdest boy band.

No more Gazprom.

Of course, the only thing the club can do in these circumstances is dust itself down, sort itself out and vow to return as soon as humanly possible. And Darren Fletcher knows this. He also knows that this is not the time for modest aspirations. This is a time for the shaking of fists and the pounding of chests. As he told Sky Sports:

Next year, we won't just think about getting into the Champions League. We will think about winning the league and getting into Europe that way. The gap is not as big as people think. We have some fantastic players. There will be some signings too and hopefully they can take us to where we want to be.

Damn straight Darren. He was also asked to comment on the rest of the season, and whether the fact that there's nothing much to play for would affect the players:

The boys have got to play well to stay in the manager's thoughts for next season. There is talk of a lot of changes so if you get an opportunity to play, you have to go out there and perform and to show the manager that you want to be at United, that you are capable of being at United and you are good enough. A lot of people will say there isn't a lot to play for now, but there is - you are playing for personal pride and to be in the squad for next season.

And the Race for Fifth, Darren! Don't forget the race for fifth!