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Moyes "under pressure" to reach Europa League

It is being reported that the Glazer family, stung by United's European exit, are insisting that the team qualify for the Europa League.

Michael Regan

Interesting stuff over on ESPN, from the always-worth-reading Miguel Delaney. According to his sources, the Glazers are insisting that David Moyes and Manchester United make every effort to push for Europa League qualification.

While sources say the manager has not been given anything like an ultimatum, reaching European competition is now seen by the club's owners as a major target for the remainder of the season.

This isn't because Joel Glazer has decided to see Transdniestria before he dies. No, it's all about the money. European games of any kind are "exceptionally significant in terms of revenue, particularly given the level of attendance" at Old Trafford. Apparently, midweek rest periods don't do much for the balance sheet.

Tantalisingly, Delaney then moves onto the wider question of Moyes's future, indicating that "a summer sacking is far from unthinkable". This is exceptionally interesting; while plenty of fans have been aggressively thinking precisely that for months, the party line out of Old Trafford has always been that barring defeat to Olympiacos, this is for the long-term, and that Moyes has the backing of the people that matter.

England have three Europa League places. Two go to the winners of the two cups, the third to the team that finishes fifth in the Premier League. However, since Manchester City are likely to qualify for the Champions League, their League Cup place will go to the team that finishes sixth in the league. Seventh place will only qualify for the Europa League if Arsenal win the FA Cup but finish in fifth. We think.