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Pochettino admits Shaw decision out of his hands

Asked about the rumours that Luke Shaw is about to complete a transfer to Manchester United, Southampton manager Mauricio Pochettino has acknowledged that the matter is beyond his control.

Richard Heathcote

It must be a strange life, managing a club in the middle of the Premier League. The big boys above you are constantly attempting to nick off with your best players, and while on the one hand you want them all to stay and play beautiful football together for the betterment of everybody, on the other you know there's very little you can do if the money starts to sing.

Take Mauricio Pochettino, manager of Southampton, which despite recent reports is still the club that employs future Manchester United/Chelsea left-back Luke Shaw. On the one hand, then, he's been getting all defensive:

At the end of the day Luke Shaw is a player that belongs to Southampton, and it will be the club that makes the decision as to what happens with his future. Of course there will be interest for him, but right now he's a player at Southampton and it looks as though it will continue that way.

But on the other:

There are a lot of players who are under interest, but they are all very happy at the football club, and most of them are under long-term contracts. They understand the situation of what it means to be a professional player in the Premier League. There's nothing really we have to speak about on that front. If there is any decision to be made, it is for the owners, not for me.

In other words: he's here at the moment, he'll be here until he isn't, and it's not up to me either way. Lovely stuff.