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Manchester United gain huge advantage ahead of Everton clash as Wayne Rooney is passed fit

Manchester United's hopes against Everton have been greatly boosted by the news that Wayne Rooney will return from injury in time to play the game.

Lennart Preiss

Wayne Rooney was rumoured to be potentially missing the rest of the season, but it seems that he will in fact be fit to face Everton in what could be a crucial game for both clubs.

With Everton having lost to Crystal Palace, the race for fourth is in Arsenal's hands. They'll probably saunter to it, but if they collapse the chance is there for United to make one last desperate attempt for fourth - at present we stand nine points behind Roberto Martinez's men, but with a game in hand and with the Toffees facing games against Manchester City and of course us.

So, good news, right? Well, not entirely. We've seen the problem with playing Rooney when unfit, and we also know that David Moyes, much like his predecessor, will start him if he's capable of walking on two legs no matter how heavy his touch is.

On the other hand, Arsenal will obviously coast to it, so it doesn't really matter. Go out and enjoy life, have fun. The weather's good, don't worry about this stuff.