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Could Manchester United profit from Sandro's Tottenham Hotspur fallout?

Sandro looks to be at war with Tim Sherwood at everybody's favourite comedy club, Tottenham Hotspur. Is there any chance Manchester United could profit?

Michael Steele

Sandro seems to be at war with Tottenham manager Tim Sherwood, entering a back-and-forth today over an injury he doesn't appear to have and whether or not he's good enough to play in the squad.

This has all happened rather publicly over radio and Twitter, and you can read the whole tale on SB Nation's Tottenham Hotspur blog, Cartilage Free Captain.

So, could we take advantage here? No doubt Sandro is an excellent player in a position we could do with, and if he's fallen out with the club and only has two years left on his contract, we could get him for a fee below his true value, despite Daniel Levy's usual insistence to earn a profit regardless. But there are possible precedents: viz. all sorts of rumours flying around about why Steven Caulker was bafflingly shoved out the door to Cardiff City for seemingly no reason.

Of course, there are problems - he has been quite injury-prone, even when they're real ones. But there's no doubt at all he'd vastly improve our current side. Worth a cheeky punt?