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David Moyes speaks out on Welbeck transfer request: "Danny is really important to me and Manchester United"

David Moyes has spoken out about stories concerning Danny Welbeck wanting out of Manchester United, reiterating that he is "important" to the club.

Alex Livesey

There were some stories doing the rounds that Danny Welbeck was looking to leave Manchester United after being frustrated at the amount of opportunities being afforded to him as a striker, and now David Moyes has spoken out.

As for whether it was a literal transfer request, it's not exactly clear whether Buxton has embellished the story slightly or whether it was a previously undisclosed detail.

We hope we speak for all of the readers here when we at TBB say that we cannot understand anyone who does not like Danny Welbeck, nor can we understand those people who understand those people, and nor can we understand those people who understand those people. We hope his reign is long and glorious, and if Moyes were to deliver a quadruple in his next season, if he does so at the expense of Welbeck he can get on the next bus back to Preston.