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Carloz Queiroz about to become the favourite to replace David Moyes at Manchester United?

Carloz Queiroz is probably not anyone's first choice to replace David Moyes as Manchester United manager, but he was tipped by Red Issue last night and his odds have since tumbled. Could it actually happen?

Joosep Martinson

Carlos Queiroz was good for Manchester United. Certainly more proactive than Mike Phelan, and we thank him for his service at the club. We don't, however, wish to see him replace David Moyes.

Fortunately, there's no chance of that happening, right? Well, the very-well-connected United fanzine, Red Issue, tweeted this last night:

At the time, you could get 66/1 on the Portuguese being the next United manager. Now, those odds have tumbled to as little as 10/1. Now, bookies odds aren't always the most reliable - the fact that RI tipped it along will have had some effect, as will the knowledge that Moyes is now a dead man walking. But we should probably start to be a bit worried about this.

Queiroz of course went on to manage Real Madrid and Portugal, and was pretty rubbish in both jobs. Frankly, the only reason to get him in would be if Cristiano Ronaldo came with him. We won't hold our breath.