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Manchester United "refuse to deny" reports Moyes will be sacked

Manchester United have not offered any denial of reports that David Moyes is facing the sack, according to the Manchester Evening News.

Shaun Botterill

Manchester United have not offered any semblance of a denial about the stories circulating that David Moyes is facing the axe, say the Manchester Evening News.

Now, the MEN can be comically useless at times, but normally the club would be quick to quash any such rumours. Not in this case, where they haven't responded at all, lending more weight to the rumours that he'll be gone.

Of course, stories of this magnitude rarely appear in every single big paper and turn out to be nonsense. We can pretty much assume that he's a dead man walking, and if it's all leaked, keeping him on much longer would appear to make little sense if the decision to pull the trigger has already been made.

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