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POLL: Who do you want to replace David Moyes as next Manchester United manager?

Now we've had two minutes to process the news and consider the options, who do we want to take over from David Moyes at Manchester United?

Scott Heavey

If you've not had time yet, you should read the list of 11 choices for the next Manchester United manager that TBB has lovingly prepared for you here, and make your decision.

It's time to quickly gauge where the weight of our desires lies. Don't base your vote on who you think is likely, just who you would prefer out of the options.

Are we going to go for the optimistic choices like Jurgen Klopp or Diego Simeone? The safe bets like Louis van Gaal or Guus Hiddink? The untested up-and-comers like Vincenzo Montella and Rudi Garcia? Or should we just appoint Ryan Giggs as a gigantic "eff you" to all and sundry who were advising us to do so?

FWIW, TBB's choice was Diego Simeone, although we were quite keen on some other candidates too, like Montella and Cesare Prandelli. But alas, it is not our decision to make.

Gentlemen, place your bets now.