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Neville blasts Manchester United over David Moyes sack stories

Gary Neville was not impressed with stories coming out of Manchester United concerning David Moyes getting the sack, as he spoke out on Sky.

Jan Kruger

Gary Neville has spoken out on David Moyes sacking during his punditry role on Sky Sports this evening, criticising the club over the handling of the situation.

Neville spoke of the need for the club to clarify their position, and generally stuck to his position that Moyes needs as much time as possible to take care of the situation.

Now here's a tricky one for you, readers: can you think of any reason that Neville would wish to preserve the job of the current United managerial team? Can you think of anything? Anything at all?

Regardless, if United then give the job to Ryan Giggs, even as a temporary replacement, it'll be pretty hilarious to see his about-face. So stay tuned for that.