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Giggs suggests what his Manchester United side would look like

With Ryan Giggs taking over as Manchester United manager until a permanent boss is appointed, some old quotes about what his side might look like have surfaced.

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Alex Livesey

With David Moyes binned, Ryan Giggs will be taking over until a permanent manager is appointed, which almost certainly means the last few games of the season.

Perhaps fortunately, if you're on the "please let's not appoint someone almost unsackable who isn't a real manager" bandwagon, that's not much of a time to audition and the wording suggests that he's not really being considered for the full-time gig (although it does mean he'll forever be the elephant in the room, any new manager coming in fearful of his loyalties since were they to go mid-season, Giggs would surely be the one with most to gain. Which will be nice.)

Nonetheless, some old quotes about Giggs, management, and what his United side would look like have reappeared. Henry Winter spoke to Giggs, and was told:

The emphasis would be on attack, on adventure, on taking on opponents, on raging against the ticking clock and unflattering scorelines, on never giving up. On reverting to the Ferguson way, the United way, after the timidity of Moyes. There would be no deference to rivals from Giggs in his pre-match utterances, a Moyes weakness that has infuriated United followers.

No, wait, sorry, that's Henry himself talking. What did Giggs say to suggest such a bold vision?

"I would like a few wingers in there.''

That's it? Surely there's something else.

"Management does interest me."

Hmm... any other details before he said it?

he smiled

Well, there you go. "I'll play with wingers" has become "I'll play like Brazil in 1950 and take the footballing world by storm." Which is, apparently, 'The Ferguson way', news to anyone who's watched us over the past few years.

Young and Valencia to start against Norwich, then.