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Bayern press officer: Manchester United have "no chance" of getting Guardiola

The Bayern Munich press officer was asked about the possibility that Pep Guardiola could take over at Manchester United, and reacted in a fairly brusque fashion.

Ronny Hartmann

Pep Guardiola could be the next manager of Manchester United, or at least the club are going to sound him out and it is a slight possibility, according to rumblings in the UK press this morning. Specifically, the usually-respectable and seldom miles-off Daily Telegraph, about which you can read in the aforementioned link.

So it made sense for the Bayern Munich press conference ahead of their Champions League clash to be the first place to ask the club directly about these rumours.

Well, there you have it. It was a nice dream while it lasted. Content yourself with the fact that Guardiola probably would've wanted to see if he could turn Tom Cleverley into the next Xavi, and perhaps look forward to the man who is the most likely candidate to be the next Manchester United manager, Louis van Gaal. We think it might be a decent appointment given the circumstances.