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Moyes "disgusted" over sacking, wasn't told until after reports emerged

David Moyes is reportedly "furious and disgusted" over his sacking from Manchester United, where he was not told before a leak had already emerged, according to the Daily Mirror.

Clive Brunskill

If you were on The Busby Babe, or indeed the internet, yesterday afternoon, then congratulations. You are officially more in-the-know about what is going on at Manchester United than David Moyes.

The Daily Mirror report that Moyes wasn't told about his impending doom, and spent the day working on four prospective signings before realising he'd been canned.

That, understandably, has left the Scot not 'angry and confused', in the manner of his protege, but rather 'furious and disgusted.' Which is probably the second most damning pair of adjectives used to describe a Manchester United employee since we last reported on a match in which any of our players who aren't De Gea, Welbeck, Rafael, Evans or Januzaj played.

This all sounds rather rum, of course, and Moyes is also painted in the story as a man of ethics, who waited until Walter Smith had left Everton before discussing the position.

Regardless of your view on Moyes the manager, it's hard to deny that he is a fundamentally solid, decent, upstanding man, who earnestly did his best. And so he doesn't deserve this sort of fiasco when he's being put out of a job, even if he will be paid more than all of us ever will in our entire, puny little lives put together.

When are we getting around to sacking Ed Woodward, while the axe is out?