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LMA 'very disappointed' with David Moyes' sacking

Unsurprisingly, the LMA aren't too happy with the manner in which David Moyes was sacked.

Jan Kruger

It's not unusual to see the LMA coming out to lament the sacking of managers, so it's certainly not a surprise they're unhappy with the unceremonious manner in which David Moyes was dumped by Manchester United.

In a statement, LMA chief executive Richard Bevan echoed the reports that Moyes only found out of his impending doom through media reports, rather than being personally informed by the club's hierarchy. In full, here's the Bevan quotes:

The LMA is very disappointed with the nature of David's departure from Manchester United and to read extensive reports in the press, confirming David's sacking, before David himself had been spoken to officially by the club.

Throughout his time at United, David, as he always does, has conducted himself with integrity and professionalism, values that he believes in and that have been strongly associated with the club and its rich tradition. It is therefore sad to see the end of David's tenure at United being handled in an unprofessional manner.

David is one of the most talented, knowledgeable and dedicated managers in British Football. He has a wealth of experience accumulated in a management career that started when he was 35 and already spans 16 years, with over 800 games in the professional game. David is a three-time winner of the LMA Manager of the Year Award, and without a doubt, he has a significant future in front of him in football management. He is passionate about the game and I know he possesses the drive and resilience to learn from this chapter of his career and move on to a new challenge in the game.

If those reports of how Moyes was -- or wasn't, as the case may be -- informed of his departure are indeed true -- and, with Moyes having issued his own statement through the LMA, it seems unlikely that they're fabricated -- it's certainly rather unimpressive. Let's hope the United chiefs the arrival of the new manager better than the departure of the old one ...