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Giggs tried - and failed - to save Moyes from disciplinary mistakes

According to reports, Ryan Giggs attempted to convince David Moyes not to discipline three Manchester United players after a night out, but was ignored.

Alex Livesey

More stories of Moyesy misery. You may recall the shocking incident which saw not one, not two, but three Manchester United players going out for a drink after the loss to Bayern Munich. Tom Cleverley and Danny Welbeck were silly enough to get photographed while pillocking around on the streets, and they along with Ashley Young were fined for breaching team orders.

It appears that Manchester United's new manager, Ryan Giggs, asked Manchester United's old manager, David Moyes, not to punish the players. According to the Daily Mail, the Welshman made a "personal plea" which was ignored. The players were issued with a fine along with "extra training at Carrington," a sanction that went down badly not just with the players involved but with other members of the squad.

Apparently, Giggs also suggested to Moyes that he "would not have taken such a hardline stance with some of the more senior members of his squad." This ties in with a report in yesterday's Times [£] that Moyes, a few weeks before the Bayern game, had taken no action over an incident when "a player turned up about an hour late for training looking worse for wear". What happens to the fines that now Giggs has taken charge is unclear, though presumably they'll be quietly wiped out.