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Giggs: "It's going to be the Manchester United philosophy"

Ahead of United's game at Norwich, Ryan Giggs has held his first press conference as Manchester United manager.

Alex Livesey

"Ryan Giggs, Manchester United manager."

Still looks weird, doesn't it? But weird or not, the manager of Manchester United has things to do. Giggs today held his first press conference in his new role. Questions about David Moyes were not permitted, but Giggs opened with a short statement about his predecessor:

I'd like to thank David for giving me my first chance in coaching. It was something I'll always remember when he rang me in the summer and asked me to come on board. Obviously I was still playing but he's given me my first opportunity of a coaching role. Secondly to say how proud I am to be managing Man Utd for the remaining games.

Naturally, he was asked about the possibility of taking on the job for the longer term:

I'm just concentrating on a short time, the four games remaining, that's the main focus on Saturday and Norwich as it's going to be a tough game with them fighting for their lives. After that, I've not really thought about it.

He also, when asked if he was still considering himself as player as well as a manager, did a joke ...

I've just given myself a five-year contract! I'm using my power while I can!

... and in the process reminded us all that there is no easier comedy audience than a football press conference. Asked how United will play:

It's going to be my philosophy, obviously the Manchester United philosophy as I've been here for all my career. I want players to play with passion, speed, tempo and be brave with imagination, all the things that are expected of a Manchester United player. To work hard but, most of all, enjoy it. As a player I know if I'm enjoying the game I can express myself a lot more and that's what I'll be doing with the team tomorrow.

And, finally, the crucial question. Will he be wearing a suit or trackies?

I haven't decided. You'll have to wait and see.

Below, a video of the press conference, and also one of this morning's interview with MUTV. Edit: they didn't last long. Anyway, has an excerpt from the press conference, and also from his interview with MUTV. The key line from that?

We're Manchester United, we're at home. I expect to win.

Most refreshing.