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Giggs to make controversial changes for Norwich

According to reports, Ryan Giggs is set to make a series of bold selection calls in his first game as manager.

Alex Livesey

In his press conference this morning, United's new manager Ryan Giggs gave some indication into how his team will play:

It's going to be my philosophy, obviously the Manchester United philosophy as I've been here for all my career. I want players to play with passion, speed, tempo

Which is all well and good. But which players are going to be asked to resurrect that ailing idea. Well, according to Ian Ladyman in the Daily Mail, Giggs is going to pick a team without either of David Moyes's major signings. The absence of Marouane Fellaini will likely come as a relief to most United fans; the dropping of Juan Mata might be more divisive. Sixty-five million quid, sat on the bench. According to Ladyman, "Respected figures in the game have been critical of Mata's inability to influence games going against United since he moved from Chelsea and there is no way Giggs will select players he believes don't have the courage to receive possession in difficult areas."

Hmm. As for who will play, Ladyman's information is that Tom Cleverley is likely to start in the centre of midfield, but under instructions "to move into advanced positions and hurt the opposition when United have the ball". (You can pop your own punchline in there if you like.) Danny Welbeck and Adnan Januzaj will also start, as Giggs places his trust in academy products and looks for pace.

It could be magnificent; it could be Tim Sherwood. Anyway, the fact that this game is against Norwich means we all have to watch, once again, United's counter-attacking clinic from 1993. Alright, that game was at Carrow Road, Norwich were up at the right end of the table, and there is no way United will be getting this much space to run into, but still. Any excuse. And who's that scoring the first goal? Ah, yes ...