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Mourinho rules out leaving Chelsea

Asked about the rumours linking him with the vacant Old Trafford dugout, Jose Mourinho was clear: he will not be moving.

Richard Heathcote

And so perishes one of the more entertaining (if less likely) rumours regarding David Moyes's possible successor. Chelsea manager and all-round ray of sunshine Jose Mourinho was today asked about the whispers, faint but nonetheless there, that he was preparing to make a sensational charge up the country to claim the job that many fans, writers and Jose Mourinhos felt he should have been offered last summer.

Of course not, I don't know how you think about it. I left Real Madrid to specifically come to Chelsea ... no job would remove me from Chelsea.

Pretty categorical stuff. But! This is Mourinho, so you can more-or-less guarantee that somebody, somewhere, reckons this is just another mind game. That he couldn't really say anything else, what with the season not being over and there being a Champions League semi-final in the offing. That his words say one thing, but his erratic behaviour over the last week or so says quite another. That, in short, it is on.

It is not on.