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Hummels committed to Dortmund stay

Mats Hummels, identified over the weekend as a possible transfer target for Manchester United, has stated that he wishes to stay with Borussia Dortmund.

Christof Koepsel

Mats Hummels is currently playing for Borussia Dortmund. He may, according to at least one newspaper, be on a list entitled 'Possible Transfer Targets' drawn up by Louis van Gaal, who may himself be on a list entitled 'Possible New Managers' drawn up by Edward Woodward and other suit-wearing United personages. Several layers of potential list-membership there, but such is life at the moment

Anyway, Hummels, who was discarded by Bayern Munich before signing for Dortmund, appears quite attached to his current club. Talking to Bild over the weekend, he said:

When I end my career, I don't need to win eight championships, I'd rather have done something special. And that has certainly been the case here. That's why I don't waste any thoughts on this [leaving Dortmund] at the moments. I rather win one championship as a key player than four championships as a part-time player

A major blow for Van Gaal! Assuming he gets offered the job! And accepts it! And would actually like to buy Hummels! Ahem. The Dortmund defender is also, a trifle impolitely, trying to steal Shinji Kagawa. He told Kicker magazine:

We would take Shinji with the greatest pleasure. To form an attacking midfield with [Marco] Reus, [Henrikh] Mkhitaryan and Kagawa — that would absolutely have style.

He then quickly realised the implications of what he was saying.

And that's nothing against our other amazing players. The attacking midfield, also without Shinji, is our best staffed part of the team.

The obvious solution here is for United to buy Hummels and Reus and Mkhitaryan. Then, everybody's happy! Except Ashley Young. Incidentally, Mats Hummels is not sponsored by Hummel, an oversight that the universe really should get around to correcting.