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So Moyes has gone, right? Well, not quite ...

Despite his dismissal, it is being reported that David Moyes's work throughout the season may play a role in United's transfer activity this summer.

Paul Thomas

The man may have gone, but his influence lingers. No, not Alex Ferguson, but David Moyes, whose work throughout the season will apparently play a part in determining who United attempt to buy in the summer.

You may recall a story that appeared in the Guardian earlier in the season, stating that Moyes's job was safe because the Glazers were impressed with reforms that he'd made to the scouting systems at the club. Innovative methods. New computers. Shiny whiteboards. That sort of thing. Well, over on ESPN FC Rich Jolly is reporting that although the results went bad, and although his job turned out to be entirely unsafe, the other stuff is still respected:

Moyes scouted assiduously and a source told ESPN FC that Old Trafford insiders believe he had an excellent eye for a player.

Now, TBB knows what you're thinking. You're thinking 'Er ... Marouane Fellaini!?' And so are we, to be honest, though there were of course reports that Moyes never really felt the big Belgian was up to the required standard, and that United only returned to Everton once it became clear that all the other midfielders in the world were washing their hair. And, of course, he was unlucky with injuries. And it was a big move. And probably not ideal circumstances under which to make it. And he might yet work out. And, er, other reasons. Probably.

Still, there's nothing to suggest that United are going to attempt to buy everybody Moyes wanted regardless of who they are or who the new manager is. It's simply the case that the club aren't going to throw out a year's worth of scouting work — or the new whiteboards — just because the manager's changed. Which seems eminently sensible. After all, David Moyes getting sacked doesn't make Toni Kroos a bad player.