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Lindegaard: Giggs is the new Guardiola

Following United's dismissal of a wretched Norwich City side, the club's second-choice goalkeeper has been getting thoroughly excited.

Matt King

At times like these, it's important to remain sensible. Yes, Ryan Giggs' managerial debut went very well. United, after a slowish start, were able to swat aside a miserable Norwich team without too much trouble. Two goals apiece for Rooney and Mata, a clean sheet down the other end, and a genuinely enjoyable performance. Well done everybody, but let's not get carried away. After all, it's just a few games at the end of a season that's long since been written off.

It might sound pretty rash and naive, but, in my opinion, we are dealing with a new Guardiola.

Oh. Oh dear.

These words have fallen out of the mouth of Anders Lindegaard, United's back-up goalkeeper, who has been rather impressed with the cut of his teammate's jib:

What we have seen in the first week has been more than convincing. The similarities with Sir Alex Ferguson are striking and it is evident that Ryan Giggs has learnt from one of history's most respected football managers. His latest speech, before the team went onto the pitch for the Norwich game, made my hairs stand on end ... "Do not disappoint the fans!"

Maybe he just wants a game. These quotes come via the BBC, which appends them with this rather mischievous quote, apparently from "a source close to the dressing room":

This is no criticism of David Moyes, but it feels like Manchester United again rather than someone else's club.

TBB is no expert, but we reckon that definitely is a criticism of David Moyes.