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United look to Madrid after Van Gaal deal breaks down

While some outlets are already claiming that Van Gaal to United is a done deal, others are reporting that the Dutchman's demands may force United to look elsewhere.

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Christof Koepsel

Despite reports in at least one Dutch newspaper that Louis van Gaal has already agreed to become manager of Manchester United, both the Daily Telegraph and the Independent are reporting that negotiations have stalled over the question of Van Gaal's backroom staff.

According to the Indy, Van Gaal's ideas on how his staff might fit into the club don't match United's desires to keep the Class of '92, in particular Ryan Giggs, involved with the team. They state that Woodward is not willing to impose Giggs on any new manager, but also note that ...

alienating and losing Giggs risks breaking with a past which is an important part of the United brand

... which is, as we know, the most important thing. Meanwhile, the Telegraph's Mark Ogden reckons this throws Carlo Ancelotti back into the frame. The stumbling block is Van Gaal's desire to appoint five coaches: current Holland assistants Patrick Kluivert and Danny Blind, goalkeeping coach Frank Hoek, physiotherapist Jos van Dijk and analyst Max Reekers. Apparently:

Such an influx of staff would leave Giggs and his current interim regime some way down the pecking order at United and increase the likelihood of the group becoming disenchanted with their potential positions.

It is, perhaps, slightly amusing that United were super relaxed about David Moyes bringing in his own men, but find the idea of Van Gaal doing the same completely unacceptable. In any case, those of you that favour the Dutchman need to be supporting Real Madrid this evening. Ogden conclude that if the Spaniards go out, Ancelotti may become a much, much easier option.