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Ancelotti "really happy" at Madrid

Asked about the managerial vacancy at Old Trafford, Real Madrid manager Carlo Ancelotti dismissed any suggestions that he might leave Spain.

Denis Doyle

While newspapers report that he's moving to the top of Manchester United's list, Carlo Ancelotti himself has stated that he is happy in Madrid, and he doesn't see himself going anywhere. Speaking ahead of tonight's Champions League semi-final against Bayern Munich, he denied that United had been in touch and said he is not looking to leave.

I didn't have contact with anyone, I don't need to have contact with anyone. I am really happy here and I would like to stay here a long time. It is easy for me to say these things before the semi-final of the Champions League but really, this is my thought. I am really happy here.

Obviously, the Real Madrid managerial position is about as secure as a paper bag in a thunderstorm, and it's entirely possible that Ancelotti will end the season having won only the Copa del Rey. As ever with Madrid, the Champions League is the overriding obsession, and given that this is a club that fires managers even when they win the big-eared thing, who knows what a bad result either tonight or in the final could do for Cuddly Carlo and his Enigmatic Eyebrow. But until then, officially at least, he's staying put.