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Giggs guaranteed job — whether new regime wants him or not

According to reports, the current interim player-manager of Manchester United will be promised a position at the club next season, no matter who comes in to replace him.

Laurence Griffiths

According to the Guardian, the powers that be at Manchester United do not believe Ryan Giggs is experienced enough to be the next United manager. However, they are determined to keep him at the club in some capacity, whoever gets the job.

Giggs, whose playing contract expires at the end of this season and whose role as interim player-manager will be over at the same time, will be offered an as-yet-unspecified role next season and is deemed to be "key to continuity". The incoming manager, whoever that might be, will apparently not be put under any pressure to include him in a first-team role. Should Carlo van Simeone decide to bring in his own people, then Giggs and the remaining of the Class of 92 — Nicky Butt, Paul Scholes and Phil Neville — will be offered coaching roles further down the club's structure.

Which is a nice idea, no? Given the respect that Giggs and his cohorts have around the club — see: Anders Lindegaard's mild bout of hysteria from earlier in the week — it makes sense to hang on to as much of that as possible.

Though while the new manager might not be placed under any explicit pressure, one would have to think that the politic thing to do would be to keep Giggs involved with the first-team. Otherwise, that's a seriously well-respected and well-connected group of potential agitators being shoved out into the cold. An entire replacement coaching staff, sitting in the wings. Ambling around in tracksuits. Talking to journalists. Watching. Waiting.