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David Moyes: Jonny Evans and Chris Smalling back in training

Ahead of Saturday's game at Newcastle, David Moyes has been sharing his innermost hopes and fears with the press.

Michael Regan

It's Friday, it's the afternoon, and that means David Moyes has once again been addressing the nation's press corps ahead of the weekend festivities. Manchester United play Newcastle at 3pm on Saturday -- weird, huh? -- and following the midweek draw against Bayern Munich, the boss was in an upbeat mood.

Asked if he ever felt overwhelmed at the sheer scale of the universe, at the fact that he is a tiny speck on a tiny rock spinning round a tiny star in some far flung corner of everything that is, he said:

We have got Jonny Evans and Chris Smalling back in training. That helps us. Ryan Giggs picked up a wee bit of an injury in the [Bayern] game and we are not quite so worried about Alex Büttner. He is not as bad as when he first came off. We have got Jonny and Chris on the way back, which is important for us because we have missed them through what has arguably been one of the most difficult times of the season for us. We could have done with their youth and enthusiasm.

Asked if he felt 'Get Lucky' by Daft Punk was the sound of the summer, he said:

The only thing we are thinking about is the Newcastle game. The focus is all on Newcastle. We have to go up there and put on a good performance and get three points, trying to build a little bit of momentum towards the end of the season. We will go there and try to do that.

And finally, asked why birds suddenly appeared every time he was near, he said:

It was a special night, maybe one of the best ever games I have been involved in because of the atmosphere, the crowd and the standard of the opposition. But more importantly, because of the performance the players put in. You can never question the character of United. It's ingrained in the club and has showed its strength at times this year."