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The good, the bad, and the ugly: Welbeck, Cleverley, Jones set for new deals

Danny Welbeck, Tom Cleverley, and Phil Jones are set to be given new deals at Manchester United, according to reports.

Michael Steele

Good news - Danny Welbeck is set to be given a new deal at Manchester United. Hooray!

Phil Jones is also set to be given a new contract, too. Good stuff.

Oh, and so is Tom Cleverley.

The Independent reports that Moyes is more keen on tying down the former two, thankfully, and that regarding Jones, "the 232-year-old will be offered a long-term extension in order to tie the defender down to the club." In fairness, he's not declined as much with age as you'd expect from the world's oldest man.

Happily, David de Gea is another name mentioned who will be tied down, and as one of the best talents at the club and someone who has the potential to be worth many, many points over a season and be decisive in big games, that should be a huge relief.

While we should be pleased that David Moyes has faith in one of, in the opinion of those at TBB Towers at least, one of our very favourite players in Welbeck, and Jones is to be expected, Cleverley's new deal would represent a severe worry. Why are we keeping him? Is this going to be one where we give him a new contract then try to shove him out the door, like we've presumably tried to do with Nani?