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Manchester United's first pre-season tour match revealed

Manchester United will take on Real Madrid in Michigan as part of their pre-season tour, the club have announced.

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno

Well, at least it's not during the actual season, as we've been led to fear recently. Manchester United will play Real Madrid as part of their pre-season tour on August 2nd, in Ann Arbor,. Michigan.

The stadium holds over 100,000 people and is the biggest in the USA, so the appeal for the location is obvious. There's also been much guff from the club as you'd expect because it's 'presented' by Chevrolet, whose name will be adorning our shirts next season.

Richard Arnold, United's managing director, said: "United's match against Real Madrid, presented by Chevrolet, promises to be an exciting event for players and fans alike. Playing such strong opposition will be great preparation for David Moyes and his team as we look forward to the 2014/15 season."

From which we can obviously discern the following: Moyes is absolutely staying, and Cristiano Ronaldo is 100% coming back home. It's nice to be able to read between the lines.

Any of our American contingent thinking of attending?