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VINE: Juan Mata runs to hug David de Gea after Newcastle goal

Juan Mata was straight over to David de Gea after scoring against Newcastle United for a quick hug.

Alex Livesey

Juan Mata opened the scoring against Newcastle with an excellent free-kick, and his reaction was to head straight over to his pal David de Gea for a hug.

The goal was a fine set-piece in a pretty poor first half, but it looks like his goalscoring form has finally arrived - he's also just added a rather cool second goal, and he looks to finally be finding his feet at Old Trafford. It's a shame we can't field him against Bayern Munich, but I'm sure he'll get a go in the Champions League next ye- Oh.

De Gea, of course, was apparently fairly important in getting Mata to sign for United, for which we must be thankful. Until we of course sign three playmakers in the summer to all compete for the same position and continue with Carrick-Fellaini in midfield. This is just making us more and more excited for next season.