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Rooney, Giggs back in training ahead of Bayern game

Wayne Rooney, thought to be struggling with a toe injury, participates in United training along with Ryan Giggs.

Alex Livesey

Holding court this morning, Pep Guardiola wanted everybody to know that he wasn't for fooling. Oh no. This Rooney 'injury'? This 'swollen toe'? He wasn't having any of it.

Clever Pep! Crafty Pep! No sooner had the entire press pack shuffled a bit, looked at their feet, and said 'no, you're alright', then news filtered through from United's open training session. Rooney was there! Running around and everything! Oh, wise Pep!

There's nice. Other United training updates, fresh-plucked from the digital grapevine: Ryan Giggs, who was withdrawn at half-time of the first leg last week and did not appear at the weekend, is also training. Marouane Fellaini is not, to the disappointment of many a neutral. Nor, more upsettingly, is Rafael, which suggests that United will once again be improvising in defence. Phil Jones to right-back it is, then. Gulp.